Los Angeles Chinese Information Network

August 20 , 2022

Los Angeles Chinese Information Network.
Coverage of the sharing economy is known worldwide.
Bajie Charging custom brand Ucharger is famous in the Chinese community.

Los Angeles Chinese Information Network
August 20 , 2022
Bajie Charging custom brand Ucharger is famous in the Chinese community
New city agent in Lincang, Yunnan
August 18 , 2022
BaJie Charging lights up another city
Guangdong chain industry 26th anniversary successfully concluded
August 12 , 2022
Bajie Charging as a brand partner,Wishing Guangdong chain industry more and more strong
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August 11 , 2022
In terms of industry data, there are three channels that are suitable for shared power bank placement.
BaJie Charging increase in order input production.
August 9 , 2022
Grasp the new consumption trend, the market development is better
The industry's first battery health detection system
August 5, 2022
Intelligent prediction of battery status, battery life expectancy and other data