Bajie Charging fourth anniversary

April 26, 2022

More than 4 years accompany with you 
Sells more than 400 cities in China in 4 years
Products are roll out to overseas 122 countries
18 national patents, more than 30 international safety certification
Four years, the original mind never change
Bajie charging growing with trend,  embrace the infinite future


Bajie Charging fourth anniversary
April 26, 2022
Bajie charging growing with trend,embrace the infinite future
World Earth Day
April 22, 2022
Protecting the cradle of the Earth and building a territory of life
BAJIE Charging: Hardware Intelligent Monitoring System
April 21, 2022
Realize refined hardware management ,Deal with problems more efficiently and intelligently, and improve user satisfaction
Taiwan Qiosk continues to take orders on products of Bajie Charging
April 18, 2022
The station will be located in the area with the highest concentration of 711 convenience stores in the world
Come Back
April 16, 2022
Congratulations to the heroic astronauts of Shenzhou 13 on their triumphant return
​Bajie Charging, Malaysia's own brand
April 14, 2022
Good products have good ideas ,this product idea comes from bread machines