Spring Equinox

March 20, 2022

Spring breeze comes as promised, warming every corner.
 It's a gesture of upward spring.
 In the growing season, take every step and live every day carefully.

Spring Equinox
March 20, 2022
Spring flowers bloom,and all good things follow
Company strong strength is the biggest confidence of a brand
March 19, 2022
Products are the foundation for companies to survive in the market, and quality is the foundation and the backbone of a brand
Tree Planting Day
March 12, 2022
Every tree lives up to expectations ,Sow new green, meet into forest
Water Proof
March 11, 2022
Bajie Charging, who is the first manufacturer that develop a waterproof intelligent shared charging station
Happy Women's Day
March 8, 2022
Wish every girl ,Be loyal to yourself, crown yourself bloom yourself as you wish
Spring is the beginning of everything
March 5, 2022
At the time of the revival of everything. Learn to be kind to people around you.