2024 Global Source HongKong April Show

April 24, 2024

Bajie Charging participated in the world's largest mobile electronics procurement exhibition - the 2024 Global Sources  Exhibition, which attracted nearly 100,000 buyers from around the world.

During the exhibition, Bajie Charging received numerous customers from different countries and regions, actively consulted and communicated with them, comprehensively analyzed the business model of shared power banks, and demonstrated the comprehensive advantages of Bajie Charging as a one-stop software and hardware solution provider.

2024 Global Source HongKong April Show
April 24, 2024
Bajie Charging participated in the world's largest mobile electronics procurement exhibition - the 2024 Global SourcesExhibition, which attracted nearly 100,000 buyers from around the world.
BaJie Charging's annual new products are about to go global
April 22, 2024
With a stacked built-in POS machine charging cabinet that can be selected with a touchscreen, increasing software interaction customization options, and supporting multiple POS built-in methods.
This 135th session of the Cantonfair is also Bajie charging’s second participation in the fair.
April 20, 2024
The Cantonfair is the longest-running and largest comprehensive international trade fair in Chinese history, with the reputation of being “China’s No. 1 Exhibition” and “The Most Influential Exhibition in the World.”
The UN38.3 report is an internationally recognized standard for battery transportation testing.
April 18, 2024
Obtaining the UN38.3 report signifies that Barjie Charging's batteries have undergone rigorous testing and validation, ensuring stability and safety during transportation.
Bajie Charging can also provide consumers with personalized services
April 16, 2024
Set up a member loyalty system combined with the bar’s main business, and premium members can receive free charging time rights, increase user stickiness, and win more long-term users.
April 13, 2024
15-19 April 2024, we will meet at the Cantonfair