Bajie Charging with multiple rental methods

February 27, 2024

Online payment in Europe and America
Mainly by credit card, PayPal and other payment methods
Bajie Charging with multiple rental methods
Code scanning, code flashing, POS, NFC
To meet the consumption habits of people in different countries
Helping overseas customers to quickly open the market with customisation

Bajie Charging with multiple rental methods
February 27, 2024
Code scanning, code flashing, POS, NFC ,to meet the consumption habits of people in different countries
Deeper understanding of customers
February 24, 2024
Payment channels, products and overseas home markets,Adaptability issues on the technical side,From questions to solutions
Bajie 24-slot vertical shared power bank rental station with 23.8 inch advertising
February 22, 2024
You can view the status of power banks and cabinets in real time through the background management system, remotely and intelligently manage all cabinets, and operate the business with minimal cost.
Bajie Charging One-Stop Solution. Provide customers with a complete solution for sharing power bank
February 20, 2024
Customised software development, circuit design, cabinet structure design according to customer's needs.
Bajie charging builds technology defense for custom customers
February 18, 2024
Real-time monitoring of the status of cabinets and power bank equipment. Automatic inspection, multiple fault detection
Happy New Year
February 10, 2024
Along with Bajie Charging,open the way for the New Year, full charge forward, let you everything is perfect.