Bajie Charging opens the door to "Scene + Brand + Experience".

January 20, 2024

Budweiser Hi-Beer Party
Eat, Drink and Be Merry
Bajie Charging opens the door to "Scene + Brand + Experience".
A social business that combines three elements
Consumers can experience and consume in an interactive way


Bajie Charging opens the door to "Scene + Brand + Experience".
January 20, 2024
A social business that combines three elements,Consumers can experience and consume in an interactive way
International Wifi, as an indispensable and important category for overseas internet access
January 18, 2024
Global Wifi related professionals will seize the opportunities generated by the overseas travel boom.
Bajie Charging Builds Technology Defense for Custom Customers
January 16, 2024
Real-time monitoring of the status of cabinets and power bank equipment. Automatic inspection, multiple fault detection
Bajie Charging’s Company Profile
January 14, 2024
We have developed a variety of smart terminal  devices such as shared power banks,  shared smart lockers, shared global Wi-Fi,  and shared portable energy storage to  meet the needs of different users and  different scenario requirements. 
Bajie Charging exerts its advantagesin industry, technology and products, etc.
January 12, 2024
Provide high-quality products ,competitive products and operation methods to domestic and overseas independent brands.
A provider of one stop solutions
January 10, 2024
We provide a total power bank sharing solution for you:customized software development, circuit design, and cabinet structure design based on your specific requirements.