With Bajie Charging's

January 4, 2024

With Bajie Charging's shared power bank , 

you can charge your smartphone anywhere, 

anytime, during travel, events, festivals, 

work meetings and more, without having to plug your 

device in or worry about carrying a charging cable. 

Our power bank rental system gives you the freedom

 and convenience you need, similar to the public convenience 

services such as Uber's shared travel and Airbnb's shared spaces

With Bajie Charging's
January 4, 2024
Our power bank rental system gives you the freedom and convenience you need, similar to the public convenience services such as Uber's shared travel and Airbnb's shared spaces
How to seize the overseas market for power bank sharing and usher in new growth
January 3, 2024
As a representative of the sharing economy, shared charging banks are particularly popular overseas and have been widely copied and implemented by many foreign companies. Compared to shared bicycles that face high overseas policy risks and high local operating costs, the advantages of shared charging banks are more pronounced for overseas expansion. 
New Year
January 1, 2024
Bajie Charging clears up your worries Making it easier for wealth to find you.
Bajie Charging One-Stop Solution. Provide customers with a complete solution for sharing power bank
December 31, 2023
Customised software development, circuit design, cabinet structure design according to customer's needs.
Bajie Charging One-Stop Solution.
December 28, 2023
Provide customers with a complete solution for sharing power bank.
Why has a Fortune 500 company entered the power bank sharing market?
December 26, 2023
If an enterprise with strong financial strength and rich network resources wants to achieve second growth curve, power bank sharing is a very good choice.