Bajie Charging Builds Technology Defense for Custom Customers

December 19, 2023

Bajie Charging Builds Technology Defense for Custom Customers
Real-time monitoring of the status of cabinets and power bank equipment
Automatic inspection, multiple fault detection
Early detection of anomalies, intelligent warning
Handle problems more efficiently and intelligently
Help OEM customers to develop the local market quickly

Bajie Charging Builds Technology Defense for Custom Customers
December 19, 2023
Real-time monitoring of the status of cabinets and power bank equipment. Automatic inspection, multiple fault detection
Bajie Charging Receives The Industry’s Apple MFI Exclusive Certification
December 18, 2023
The glory of "the first in the shared power bank industry" has once again enhanced the brand influence of Bajie Charging, which allows Bajie Charging to realize the brand's advancement step by step.
It is one of the important factors of core competitiveness to have the ability to make good products
December 16, 2023
Facing the dynamically changing market environment and iterative upgrading of consumer demand, the standard of a "good enterprise" lies in whether it can realize continuous growth through value creation, which makes all stakeholders and the whole society better because of its existence.
International Video Game Festival (IGGF):Bajie Charging cooperates with renowned secondary dimension IPs
December 14, 2023
As a partner of the exhibition, Bajie Charging produced peripheral products for the "10th International Game Festival" - the charging of Metaverse video Game Girl IP, which was the first time to show the business card of "e-sports+secondary dimension" at the exhibition.
Transport hubs: Transport hubs such as railway stations
December 12, 2023
Setting up shared power bank at these locations can make it easier for passengers to charge their mobile phones and other devices
As the global mobile internet user scale continues to expand
December 10, 2023
Multiple factors are driving the development of the global shared charging bank industry.