On-line new products i the king attraction on the street

April 6, 2022

Strongly promoted on street ‘s king station: 24-port 23.8-inch screen waterproof powerbank station 

Applicable for "indoor + outdoor"


Before has no model was all-purpose indoor and outdoor. Just only for indoor use, it has always been a shortcoming of shared power banks. Bajiecharging  once again broke through the scene restrictions and launched a new model - 24-port 23.8-inch screen waterproof cabinet.

24-port 23.8-inch screen waterproof powerbank rental station, the body adopts ergonomic design, give customers more comfortable rental experience, advanced waterproof technology to meet the charging needs of all outdoor places such as camping house, camping spots, open-air exhibition. No longer has power panic in outdoor , and the "indoor + outdoor" both sites provide you with long-lasting battery life.


Cabinet: length 41CM width 27CM height 181CM

Base: Length 52CM  Width 42CM

Waterproof grade: IP54

Screen: 23.8 inches

24-port 23.8-inch screen waterproof cabinet


"Function + revenue" double the performance

Rainy season travel no longer afraid, calm in face of the unexpected weather of outdoor activities, 24-port 23.8-inch screen waterproof cabinet, more function,  powerful, escort your outdoor activity make it more enjoyable.

When merchants provide rental services for large scale out-door events, they use 24-port 23.8-inch screen waterproof station, which can not only meet the charging phone demand in unexpected weather, but also create multi-channel income of "rental + advertising" for merchants.

The Station comes with a 23.8-inch HD high-definition display, which is energy-saving and low-consumption, and can meet 7*24 uninterrupted advertising. High-frequency and impactful outdoor advertisements can enhance the long-term memory of the audience, which can easily attract investment and double the revenue for businesses.

24-port 23.8-inch screen waterproof station, flexible application, not limited by the scene, is the best choice for outdoor streets!

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